Is Your Family Prepared For Urban Survival?
[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#304A92″]Discover How You Can Easily Have A Survival Plan Staying Right Where You Currently Live That’s Better Than Having A Fully Stocked Rural Retreat That You Can’t Get To![/headline_tahoma_small_centered][headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#990000″]Finally Revealed: Urban Survival Secrets For Surviving Terrorist Attacks, Natural Disasters And Pandemics![/headline_tahoma_large_centered][headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#304A92″]In The Real World, Most People Don’t Have A Fully Stocked Retreat They Can Escape To. Even If You’ve Planned Ahead And You Do, There’s No Guarantee That You’ll Leave In Time Or That You’ll Be Able To Make It There.[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#304A92″]Your First Plan Must Be To Survive In Place.[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

From: David Morris
Thursday: 4:19 PM
Denver, CO

Dear Aware and Prepared Friend:

My name is David & you might remember me from Regaining Privacy Online. I’m writing to you because I’ve released a system that will help you identify and repair the vulnerabilities in your current survival plan and get even the least prepared family member ready for local, regional, or national disasters in a few short lessons.

I’m keeping this note short, so please read it now.

Here’s what’s happening: With the threats of terrorist attack, natural disaster, economic collapse, or a pandemic, you need to have a survival plan in place quickly that is inexpensive and doesn’t depend on relocating or you being around as a leader.

We’re living in crazy times and…

The Unprepared May Not Make It.

Honestly, I don’t know who’s in worse shape, people in denial, or preppers who have lots of supplies and training, but their plan is just floating around in their head and isn’t based on reality.

But here’s the thing. Back in 2008, I had lots of training and supplies but a crappy plan in my head that had no chance of working in the real world. I worried EVERY TIME I went out of town that “it” would happen when I wasn’t at home to protect my family. I found out that I wasn’t alone. As I talked to other people about their plans, they ALL depend on everyone being home when “it” happens. They depend on perfect timing, easy travel, and just don’t have a chance of working in a real disaster.

Most Survival Plans Are A Joke.

There are a TON of survival books, websites, and “experts” out there that have terrific information, but people make the mistake of thinking that reading a book means you’ve got a workable plan. In addition, all of them miss one of the seven key factors for helping you create the perfect survival plan.

The Perfect Survival Plan should be….[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Cheap…Survival is NOT a luxury reserved for the rich. Many “experts” seem to think city dwellers are doomed if they don’t have a fully stocked rural retreat. History tells a different story.
  • Fast To Start Putting Into Place Without a Ton Of Required Training/Classes/Supplies.
  • Compatible with Your Current Living Situation.
  • Easily Usable By Your Family If You Can’t Lead Them.
  • Adaptable In Case You Miss Your Window To Relocate
  • Sustainable If The Emergency Is Long Term
  • Reversible If You Jump The Gun.
  • Written Down, So You Aren’t Relying On Memory When You’re Operating Under Stress and Without Sleep.

Does this sound right to you? How is your current survival plan stacking up…?

Your survival plan should work in real life situations, including:
[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • You’re 1,000 miles away on a business trip when “it” happens.
  • Your kids are on a school trip when it’s time to bug out.
  • Traveling by car is not an option.
  • One of your family is injured and can’t travel.
  • You have a baby or have to take care of an elderly parent when “it” happens.
  • The emergency build-up is gradual and there’s no clear signal.

This is one of the ugly realities of our situation today…

Most Families Won’t Leave Urban Areas in Time Because They Can’t Afford Leaving Early and Being WRONG

Why? Because it means abandoning your house, friends, job, and sometimes even family.

If you leave and you are too early, can you get your job back?

(Be thankful you didn’t bug-out in April 2009 for the Flu “Pandemic”)

If you leave too early & can’t pay your mortgage, will your bank understand?

If you leave too early, can’t you hear the laughter of your friends when you come back 1, 2, or 3 months later?

But if you try to leave too late, you may have to travel light or not be able to travel at all:

Mass exits clog the roadways where no one gets out

Hazards and roadblocks
can block your escape

What I learned is how simple it is to fix even the worst of plans, or create one from scratch. Out of necessity, I got in touch with my military, Survival Evasion Resistance & Escape (SERE), Law Enforcement/SWAT, “private contractor”, and Pentagon friends, as well as a geneticist who specializes in viruses/pandemics and a bio-weapons expert to pick their brains about their survival plans and to get help fixing mine.

The insider knowledge they shared with me was AWESOME! I didn’t need half of the stuff I had, and the things I was missing were inexpensive and useful regardless of whether or not I ever actually had to survive a disaster.

To top it off, I’d been confusing “survival” with “primitive living”, which are two completely different skill sets. I pity the fool who decides to grind wheat and bake bread 21 days into an urban survival situation. That smell will draw the “zombies” in from blocks away and hunger will be the least of his problems!

The biggest part that they helped me with wasn’t “stuff”. Most of them thought that fancy survival “stuff” was just a crutch to compensate for a lack of a solid plan. I realized they were right. Don’t you agree?

They showed me how to ruthlessly go through my plan, find the vulnerabilities, and fix them through proper planning rather than by throwing money at the problem. I ended up with a survival plan that was flexible enough to allow for reality and stable enough that my wife could take charge if I was unable to lead our family.

If you’re wondering why I am willing to share this system with you, here’s the story:

First, as I was going through this process and talking with my civilian friends, they kept “bugging” me to pick my brain on creating THEIR survival plan. I was the only person they knew who’d gone through the trouble to contact so many experts and create my own logical written survival plan. I was getting 10-20 emails and calls EVERY DAY on this. I’ve got to work to put food on the table and it got to where I couldn’t keep being everyone’s survival research department. I quickly realized that I was either going to have to put together a training system to help them or stop answering my phone and email.

Second, I’ll be honest with you. I’m looking out for myself, my friends, and my family. It sounds a little selfish, but you see, if/when there is a catastrophic event, YOU are either going to be part of the solution or part of the problem. I’d much rather you follow my program and be an asset to my friends and family than a looter that they have to defend themselves against.

So, after months of brainstorming, more than 30 interviews with numerous experts, masterminding, and testing, I’ve developed a one of a kind Urban Survival Course that you’re going to love as much as the 2,500 like-minded preppers who have gone through it before you…

With it

You Can Sleep Soundly With The Knowledge That Disaster Won’t Blindside Your Family…

The process that you will go through will be the exact same process that I went through and that I give to my friends and family, and that more than 2,500 other preppers have used to get prepared for urban survival situations, disasters, and breakdowns in civil order. Every step has been created with the help of multiple survival experts and is being constantly reviewed by even more.

Here’s Exactly What YOU Get Inside The “Survive In Place” Urban Survival Course

You will have my simple step-by-step system and expert guidance necessary to create a written survival plan that will stand up to harsh reality

In creating this course, I spent hundreds of hours researching what worked and what didn’t work in REAL urban survival scenarios like East Berlin, Beirut, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, the Weimar Republic, and more recently Katrina and Haiti.

You see, anyone can go watch “Mad Max” and dream up what might happen, but it takes a little more effort to actually do the research to find out what really happens when society breaks down and people start going to extremes to take care of their families.

More importantly, it takes time to sift through all the opinion and harvest the proven tactics to survive and thrive when disaster does strike. Fortunately, I’m going to show you how you can get access to all of this research in just a few minutes.

When you sign up, you won’t be alone. I’ll stay in contact with you to make sure that you are always moving forward. In addition to the written lessons, each week I’ll also send out

audios, videos, and/or other resources that complement that week’s lesson. Included in every lesson is at least one skill drill for you to complete so you’ll make measurable progress with every lesson.

Here’s a sampling of some of the areas that you’ll master over the next 12 weeks:

[green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • Why your survival depends on your mindset more than your skill set & how to train your mind to become your most valuable survival tool.
  • How to build a team of like-minded people without compromising operational security. The last thing you want to do is advertise your preparations to your neighbors and make yourself a target.
  • Easy to learn techniques for navigating the urban jungle after a disaster… even if you start out 12 miles from home in the middle of blown out buildings in high heels or flip flops.
  • How to reunite your family, even if you start in multiple locations, your phones are down, & your primary meeting point is destroyed & hazardous.
  • How to force your body & your family to react with stunning speed to threats while everyone around is paralyzed with fear.
  • Shortcut life-saving medical secrets you can use on yourself and your family, when seconds count and medical professionals are nowhere to be found.
  • How to know the parts of your city that pose a chemical or biological threat to you on a daily basis, how to prepare for it, and still sleep at night.
  • Many people who were prepared and survived Katrina in place reported experiencing survivors’ guilt within 5-7 days. Learn how to avoid this crippling condition and keep your mind sharp in times of crisis.
  • How to stay “invisible in plain sight” to protect yourself from burglaries now and mobs of hungry looters in the future.
  • Learn to “smell” danger in your neighborhood so you’ve got precious extra seconds to react.
  • Get inside the mind of an angry mob of parents with hungry children so your family is the last one to be attacked and looted.
  • Gain the peace of mind that comes with KNOWING that your family has a plan to follow if you’re away from home or “out of action” when disaster strikes.
  • How to quickly & cheaply fortify your home to protect it from forcible entry & armed attack, without looking like the neighborhood kook or advertising yourself as a target.


As you can see, these are vital topics.

I want you to know that I respect you and your desire to not be a victim. I hope I’ve shown you that I’m a guy who’s worthy of your respect as well. And I hope that you recognize that what I’m offering is not just “dead on”, but an absolute necessity for you and your loved ones..

Here’s what a prepper of 11 years has to say after going through the course:
[features_box_yellow width=”75%” + border=”1px”]Just a short note to thank you for the informative series. I have been involved quite heavily in preparation for about 11 years.

Although I have seen a lot of this information before, I will tell you that there are always things that you mention that either I have never heard or have forgotten.

The single most important thing that your series offers is the organization and manageability of the information.

I have printed a copy and am keeping it in a 3-ring binder that allows me to go to one single place to access any piece of information.

So, thanks again! I will give everyone I have contact with a glowing reference!
– Terry
Most of all, the Survive In Place system is designed so that if the world doesn’t go to hell, you won’t look back on your life and feel that you wasted your time and money worrying needlessly about disasters that never happened.

First, we’ll show you why worrying is stupid, useless, and a waste of energy, especially in a survival situation.

Second, The strategies and techniques that you learn will enrich your relationships and be useful every day, regardless of what happens with the rest of the world.

Frankly, you don’t need another book where the author “wows” you with their skills and preparations. What you need is a practical weekly “here’s what you do next” action step to complete. What you need is for someone to show you how to quickly get started and then keep teaching you week after week so you don’t get stalled along the way.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do as you’re going through the Survive In Place Urban Survival Course.

Every lesson is strategically created in such a way that you’ll see results with the program…

Short And Easy To Digest. Each lesson is 10-25 pages in length and contains nothing but “meat”. There is a very real problem these days with “information overload” where the reader simply has too much information to absorb. Each lesson is purposefully brief (but thorough!) and gives you practical action steps to take to hardwire that week’s urban survival skills into your brain.
Includes A Skill Drill To Complete. Every weekly lesson will give you a skill drill to complete at the close of the information. Instead of giving you the usual “this is what I’ve done and why I’m so cool” stuff, I’m giving you “this is what you do next” stuff! Each week you’ll have some easy-to-implement action steps to complete before moving on.
Builds As You Go. Every lesson builds on the previous ones. Early on we’ll discuss some basics to quickly establish a solid foundation. From there, we’ll move into intermediate and then advanced tactics for surviving in an urban setting. Beginners won’t get lost from the start and veterans won’t get bored as I’ll throw in some golden nuggets along the way for our experienced crowd. It’s set up this way so that lifelong military, law enforcement, and preppers can go through the course with spouses who are just getting on board.
Forces You To Succeed Long-Term. While most books, e-books and traditional training programs pile on a bunch of information and leave you to put it all together for yourself, that isn’t how things are setup in this training program. By giving you information in bite-sized portions for a full three months (12 weeks!) you’ll be more likely to actually do something with the content … and you’ll be more likely to see real results for yourself.
Helps You Make Real Progress. When you look back after each week, you’ll actually be able to see progress by putting these lessons into practice. As you train your brain and acquire simple skills, you’ll actually be able to see yourself growing step-by-step because you’ll be following a systematic, weekly plan of action. Exactly when you need to take certain steps you’ll take them.Each weekly lesson is designed to be “to the point” and immediately actionable.

Each lesson is designed to be “to the point” and immediately actionable.
[features_box_yellow width=”90%” + border=”1px”]

Lesson #1 –Laying the Foundation

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Operational Security — Don’t make yourself a target for burglary now or looting later.
  • Reasons To Leave Urban Areas.
  • Reasons To Stay In An Urban Area In A Disaster.
  • Identifying Choke Points In Your Immediate Area.
  • Identifying Local Terrorist Targets & planning around them
  • First Steps For Getting Your Family On Board


You’ll get this instantly when you get startedbelow. Everything you need to understand the concepts and get started is included in just a few short pages.

The format is simple –
[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • Lesson number one will explain a basic overview of the concept of Urban Survival and why you need to prepare for it, regardless of how well stocked your retreat location is.
  • Then, we’ll take a handful of lessons to walk you through the Survival Mindset, communications, contingency planning, urban movement during a disaster, operational security, finding/building your team, & bare bones 72 hour kits.
  • After that, we’ll look at some advanced strategies like mental triggers, survival vs. primitive living, hardening your house, making your water last 20-50% longer, hygiene, pandemics, chemical/biological/nuclear accidents/attacks, hygiene, lessons from Katrina, and disaster psychology.
  • Intermingled throughout the series will be lessons on what supplies you HAVE to have, forms and templates for your written survival plan, mental exercises for you to complete, my personal picks for firearms, training, knives, defense sprays, and exercises for you to do with your family.
  • And of course, the student/instructor forum will be open 24/7 for you to ask questions, get answers, and help out in areas where you are knowledgeable.

And I’m telling you as a fellow prepper, that this other stuff that I’m including in this complete package is what I’m arming my family with and those very very close to me. While you and I have probably never met, we are brothers under the skin and I’m telling you there’s information here that you don’t have, but that may very well mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

As much as you’ve dug into this topic, some of the most valuable information that I’m going to share with you has been very well hidden. And some of it you just haven’t had time to look into or figure out.

I have been fortunate enough to spend almost all of my waking hours researching, interviewing, training, and testing since late 2008, but you don’t have to. I’m offering you a shortcut to the information that maybe you could find out if you had access to the same expert sources, time, and money that I have invested to compile and test all of this vital information. In fact, I’m going to give it all to you on a nice shiny silver platter.

Want to know the best part? Check this out-

The complete Survive In Place Urban Survival program is just $27 per month for 3 months a single payment of just $47 and it’s backed by a 100% FULL satisfaction guarantee. If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, just send me a personal email any time in the next 60 days for a full prompt refund.

I seriously doubt you’ll do that…

94.2% of our students successfully complete the course. Here are a few examples and I’ve included 81 (EIGHTY ONE!!) more at the bottom of this page:
[features_box_yellow width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

“Excellent advice!”

“Excellent advice! I will “practice” all that you have suggested. Having already being a former Marine and a Nam vet (combat 65 – 66 CAM LO/I-CORPS) no one can ever sneak up on me, no matter how tired or worn out I am. Many of the suggestions I already practice and some I have just learned from you. Thanks!!” – Phil

“As law enforcement officer of 24 years with lots of time in SWAT and undercover narcotics, I appreciated reading this. Thanks.” – Charles

“Hi David, I just read your lesson and I must say it is very good. Keep up the great work and keep the lessons coming! Thank you very much.” – Juan

“God bless you for this program, and I feel this was put here for all of us who know we need to get our “stuff together” and be ready!” – Dwight

“David, that’s a bargain… seriously… what’s the catch?”

We both know that the $47 is a drop in the bucket for this kind of information. I’ve included valuable information from over a dozen survival, firearms, and medical courses that cost $300-$2000 APIECE. So, in keeping your guard up with a “suspicious mind” you’d have to ask the question, right? Well, truthfully, there is a catch…

This low pricing is a VERY limited test…and won’t be around for long.

I’ve sold this course in packages ranging from $81 to $200, but not everyone can afford that price and we NEED to get this information out. Frankly, the more self reliant people we have, the less vulnerable we are to disasters. So, I’m going to do a limited time test to see if I can keep putting food on the table if I drop the price down to $47. So, I just want to be up front with you and let you know that if you leave without taking advantage of this offer, it will probably be more expensive when you come back later.

As if that weren’t enough…

You Get $91 in Valuable Bonuses FREE By Taking Action Today!

Simply try the Survive In Place Urban Survival Guide today and get these amazing bonuses. If you don’t think this course is packed with useful information or it’s jsut not for you, Simply contact us by phone or email for a full refund… no questions asked. Anything that you download is yours to keep.

[order_box_1 width=”70%” + border=”2px”]BONUS #1 –$37 value!
“Regaining Privacy Online”
This is my critically-acclaimed book on how to remove yourself from over 40 online directories that are currently giving away your personal information online. With armed house invaders increasingly using the internet to find their next victim, it’s a foolish break in operational security to have your personal information posted on the internet. Using this guide, you can eliminate this threat to your safety in as fast as 62 minutes. Since you’ll be able to download it immediately, you can fix this security gap minutes from now.
[/order_box_1][order_box_1 width=”70%” + border=”2px”]BONUS #2 — $27 value!
“47 Proven Strategies To Protect You From Identity Theft.”
In addition to covering the basics, I also cover many of the identity management and counter hacking skills that our overseas agents use to keep from being “made” while operating in hostile nations. You’ll be able to download this manual immediately.[/order_box_1]

Can You Keep These Secrets “Just Between Us”?

Non-Disclosure Confidentially Agreement

Because of the rarity and value of the information inside the Survive In Place Urban Survival Program, I must insist that you agree to full confidentiality and non-disclosure of the information. This is NOT negotiable and you cannot get access to Survive In Place Urban Survival Guide at any price without agreeing to this one condition.

YES, I agree to not share any of the proprietary information from the Survive In Place program with anyone other than members of my household. I realize that this is sensitive information and that copying or giving it away is the same as stealing. I promise to keep your secrets. Please let me in.

Your Money Will Be Returned At The Click Of A Mouse Button If You’re Unhappy

Guarantee Listen, here’s the thing: Knowing that you’ll be thrilled with the results, I offer a full 60 day guarantee. 94.2% of people who start the course finish all 12 weeks. I stand behind my materials completely and know you’ll be completely thrilled with the content and, more importantly, the results.However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for the next 8 weeks by simply contacting us and letting us know what we could do better in the future.

[order_box_1 width=”90%” + border=”4px”]

Claim Your Survive In Place Course Right Now

YES, David, I want in! Please let me. I want access to the Survive In Place Urban Survival Course right now. Please Give me INSTANT access to this step-by-step training right now!
[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • INSTANT ACCESS Lesson 1 of “Survive In Place“
  • INSTANT ACCESS “Regaining Privacy Online”
  • INSTANT ACCESS “47 Proven Strategies To Protect You From Identity Theft”
  • Each week, for the next 12 weeks, you’ll get your next jam-packed Survive In Place lesson.
  • Plus Tons More!


Your entire package is waiting for you to claim it. Just $47 gets you instant digital access so you can start perfecting your survival plan

Now, click the pretty orange button below to continue…

Click Here To Claim Your Copy of Survive In Place Now

Price Today: $47 (That’s a savings of 41%!)

(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Saturday)
Questions? email us at [email protected]


Wishing You Peace Amid The Storm,

David Morris,
Creator – Survive In Place

“WARNING: Your Survival Could Depend On Your Next Choice”

P.S. We’re living in some of the craziest times in history and many experts agree that it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” you will face an emergency that is beyond what you and your family have prepared for. There’s a famous truism among instructors getting soldiers ready for war.

“When the bullets start flying, you WON’T rise to the occasion. You will perform half as well as you did during your best training.”

Over the next 12 weeks, you could use my step-by-step guidance to train your mind into the most effective survival tool you can own. Or, you can stick with your current plan and HOPE that your family “rises to the occasion” when their lives depend on it.

Click Here To Claim Your Copy of Survive In Place Now

I’m Ready To Take Specific Measurable Steps To Be Prepared To Survive! Click Here

“I Know I Need To Do This.”

P.P.S. One of my favorite authors (I’ll talk about him during the course) studies denial. It’s a cruel mental condition. You see, the denying person knows the truth on some level, but experiences constant anxiety because they refuse to address it. Simply denying a threat doesn’t relieve the sub-conscious mind of what it already knows. The only way to put your mind at ease is to consciously identify, face, and deal with reality. I’ll walk you through this process in easy bite-sized chunks so you can face your fears about survival and have the peace of mind that comes with KNOWING you’re prepared.

I’m Ready To Follow A Systematic Process To Create My Survival Plan! Click Here

“Remember, You Risk Nothing!”

P.P.P.S. The “Survive In Place” system is the only complete multi-media course that will take you by the hand and help you create a usable survival plan for your family, one step at a time. What’s more, it’s 100% guaranteed. If you don’t like the course, the colors I use, or even if you find a misspelling on page 2 of Week 7’s lesson, I’ll give you a full refund AND still let you keep the lessons and bonuses that you downloaded. So what’s holding you back? Get the “Survive In Place” system today. CLICK HERE.

P^4 S (that’s a little math joke): Here are the 81 customer reviews I promised:

“The single most important thing that your series offers is the organization and manageability of the information.”

Just a short note to thank you for the informative series. I have been involved quite heavily in preparation for about 11 years. Although I have seen a lot of this information before, I will tell you that there are always things that you mention that either I have never heard or have forgotten. The single most important thing that your series offers is the organization and manageability of the information. I have printed a copy and am keeping it in a 3-ring binder that allows me to go to one single place to access any piece of information. So, thanks again! I will give everyone I have contact with a glowing reference!– Terry

“Course was fantastic. Learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it”

Course was fantastic. Learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it. That was my Sunday Morning read. Was also studying for my ham radio license at the same time. Took up a lot of my time. Am now going to start all over with lesson 1. Should bring me up to about 24 weeks…. Thank you again for a great program. God Bless You. I’ll keep in touch….– Sandy -from New York

“You are the only source that I have found who offers hope for those of us who will stay and not run”

As a cliff-dweller in NYC, I have been keenly aware of what is at stake for a native who will not move out. You are the only source that I have found who offers hope for those of us who will stay and not run out to the suburbs or cross-country. I thank you for that. I understand and take seriously your suggestions for crisis preparation. Cities or urban areas need attention and support. For all that you offer you deserve to make money and thrive. I wish I could convince others to take heed. I believe you … give the straight deal… Well done. – Ellen

“My family and I very much appreciate this awesome course”

Just a short note to let you know that My family and I very much appreciate this awesome course you have obviously put much time and effort in putting together. The time it must have taken to contact specialists in their field for their feedback was something most of us on this end would not have had ref: to those contacts. Take that and add that to your knowledge and experience and your offer to make this information available make this one specialty of a course. The concerns I have ref: the crash of the economy,our country uprising etc are lessened by the knowledge you have provided. Thank you David for your insights and character in helping out your fellow man. – William from Wisconsin

Lessons are great

Lessons are great, I have to run to keep up but I’ve got about a half lesson to go and I will be caught up. – Harrill

“For the first time ever, I feel safer”

I am so pleased with the results of your first lesson in my household. For the first time ever, I feel safer just knowing there are tools for me in every room of my house in case I need them. My husband works out of state for months at a time so you see how necessary this all is for us. He will be gone again but this time I won’t feel so vulnerable. He feels better too.

I am looking forward to this week, thank you. – Jean

“I am amazed at all the wonderful information I am receiving”

I am so glad that I learned about you on the Dr. Prepper Radio on 4/12/10. I signed up for your survival course and am amazed at all the wonderful information I am receiving. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

– Katherine

You have given me many things to think of that I had not begun, or even suspected to consider

Dave, My interest in survival and disaster response is new to me. I actually can’t remember what sparked my first interest in Altoid survival tins. However,…. I haven’t been able to spend as much time, as I like, soaking in all your info. I am, however, making progress, in putting together my own 72 hour kits, for the vehicles. (I guess it’s 120 hour kits,now.) You have given me many things to think of that I had not begun, or even suspected to consider. I have been nor of the escape to the wilds kind of guy. Now, I realize that such may not be practical or even possible. Thank you very much.

– Dave B from Indiana

I, too, am enjoying each and every lesson

I, too, am enjoying each and every lesson. At times, I feel overwhelmed and unorganized, but thank you David for your step-by-step instructions. – Jeannie

I always find your emails to be insightful, intelligent and forthright

As an honorably discharged US Naval Seabee, with a previous secret clearance, I always find your emails to be insightful, intelligent and forthright….Well anyway I greatly appreciate your emails. I keep all of them …

Thank you for keeping me on your email list.– Barry

the information that you share is invaluable.

David, I too have a emergency plan in place however you can never be too prepared – the information that you share is invaluable. – Michael G

I would be so much better prepared for something like that now than I would have been before the course

Dear David, this morning as I was laying there watching the news about the volcano and all the people stranded in airports for the unforeseeable future, I thought about how thankful I am that I have taken your course. I thought about how, if I was one of those people, I would be so much better prepared for something like that now than I would have been before the course. Thank you for all that you do.

– Roma

THANK YOU for this info please send more.

David, I found that your letters on this site is the most realistic information out there. My father was taught by the military how to survive.So Ive taken the info he’s placed upon me and, what ever else I can find through the net as well as try to try to prepare my self for any situation any where on the planet.Looking at reality in all situations is the best way to survive,respond,adapt,and overcome. THANK YOU for this info please send more. – Michael

You can count me in as a very satisfied subscriber

Hi David,

I found the information in Lesson Two to be valuable. We are relocating to a new apartment complex in August and the things to look for is helpful. It appears that we will be leaving a more exposed area to one that will be safer.

I also liked the attention given to contacting family/friends and the importance of committing numbers to memory. I will definitely start that today.

We have begun stockpiling many of the top priority items you suggest, but need to move forward with the necessities for an extended time.

All in all, David, I’m glad to have your help and advice. You can count me in as a very satisfied subscriber.

God Bless! – Louise from MO

The information that you share is invaluable.

David,i too have a emergency plan in place however you can never be too prepared-the information that you share is invaluable. – Michael

I really enjoy your emails, David!

“Your practical approach to this subject keeps us relaxed and your humor hits right on time.

Keep up the great writing!”

– Ken from California

Thanks for the treasury of information

“And thanks for the treasury of information and advice/suggestions in your course. Your effort in putting it all together is an impressive piece of work. There are so many aspects of survival that wouldn’t ever occur to meintuitively. I very much appreciate the value of your course in putting it into the form of a living project.”

– Emil, from Connecticut

It’s way more than a concept – it’s a radically adjusted mindset

“I believe that all of these conditions are very real…. I am fighting the physical battle and preparing myself to avoid becoming a victim to the ensuing circumstances, which will allow me to be in a better position to help others who

can see the “big picture” and can learn how to act accordingly. I appreciate everything you’re doing and I believe you’re on the right path. You just need to expand your thinking about the survival in place concept. It’s way more than a concept – it’s a radically adjusted mindset and a whole new way of moving and living in this world that looks reality in the face each day with every breath and every step.”– David

This is a systematic plan

“I’ve actually been working through a little e-course on surviving in place, in situations where evacuation isn’t viable. You always see those little flyers about what you should do to prepare for different kinds of disasters, and I’ve never really done any of it, until now. This is a systematic plan — well researched, pulls a lot of information together in a workable way.” – Jerilyn, from Alaska

your lessons are “eye openers”

“Every lesson I get from you seems as if it was written “just for me”; and they are well worth the $.. they cost me…. My family has learned much from them, as have I, even with the little training I received in the Service of our Country (USMC and US COAST GUARD), your lessons are “eye openers”…. Many thanks.” – Raymond, Ex Military from Texas

your course has been a God send!

“I am 50 yr old woman that is worried about surviving when it falls apart (and it will) I live in a medium size town, your survivor course has been a God send! I was out here trying to put a plan together without focus until I came

across your website I can now put feet to my plan. I don’t own a gun yet but am learning how to use one!!keep these things coming there are those up us out here that are hearing you and putting “our” plans into place. Bless you Bless

you bless you”– Janice, from Tennessee

this course has shown me several short comings I over looked

“I have prepared for a disaster with the knowledge I have gained through three hurricanes . however this course has shown me several short comings I over looked. this is very good to have and follow. especially the follow part.” – Richard

I’m very impressed with the vital information in your course.

“I’ve been doing my best to prepare our family for financial setbacks, and have also been trying to build a Survival Plan on my own. Your info is so timely, and easy to understand. I’m very impressed with the vital information in

your course. I’ve sent this e-mail to all my family and friends. Just the mental preparation is crucial to survival. Thanks so much!”– Daryl

the best money I have spent in recent months

“My family has been through this course. It was the best money I have spent in recent months other than our preparedness preparations. At $27.00 a month for three months, you can’t afford not to take this course. We have been preparing since Y2K but this course really helped us organize and do a better job.” – Brenda, from Minnesota

Thank you so much

“Thank you very much for offering this OUTSTANDING and IMPORTANT information… Too many… don’t think anything is going to happen and those will be the people we will have to defend against.” – Wendy

God Bless you

“God bless you for sharing this valuable information. You are a godsend for those of us out here that “feel the air stirring” and it ain’t good (please excuse my colloquial expressions). I don’t feel so much like a sheep being led to a slaughter anymore.” – Janice

Each lesson has something new to think about and leaves me eager for more

“The … SurviveInPlace lessons have been engaging and informative. Even though I have read and studied this subject for years, you provide ideas I hadn’t thought about or present them in a new way. I read and reread each lesson. Each lesson has something new to think about and leaves me eager for more….I like what you wrote about survival attitude. It’s so important! In day-to-day life, an adaptable, positive attitude is important but never so important than in a survival situation! … I like the “Prioritized List Of “Stuff” to Buy” spreadsheet you provided. I’ve used a similar spreadsheet to prioritize my purchases,…Please keep providing the good advice!” – Mark

Thank you,… for stirring me to continually sharpen my skills

“Your bonus article is tremendous reinforcement, especially for my prevailing suspicious mindset. My mind is constantly generating “what-if” scenarios in city, rural, back country, and home front environments. In maintaining a state of readiness, mobility and super mobility (when called for) is imperative, therefore, proper footwear is a compelling consideration. Additionally, memorizing license plates is not only a beneficial mental activity, but could also prove useful in an adverse situation. Thank you, David, for imparting your preparedness expertise and enthusiasm, and for stirring me to continually sharpen my skills.” – Melody

Haven’t found any that I could not use

“Thanks for all of the info! Haven’t found any that I could not use yet. In today’s world anything that will help to survive what I am afraid is coming is well worth getting.” – Larry

your course has bumped my level of readiness up a notch or two

“Thanks Dave for an excellent training tool. As a former corrections officer, I know the evil that exists in our world. Now a retired, senior citizen with a greater potential for becoming a target for a cowardly predator, your course has bumped my level of readiness up a notch or two. Looking forward to the other nine lessons. Stay safe!” – Tom

I have found your lessons to be of great value

“I am 69 years old. Retired military (Navy and Army) and retired law enforcement and I have not only been trained but have trained literally thousands of folks in defensive tactics and firearms of all levels and I have found your lessons to be of great value. Thanks for the good service you provide.” – Lon

your courses are reawakening my alertness to possible dangers

“Thanks, David, for refreshing information on how to expand peripheral vision and increase awareness of surroundings, especially danger zones. As former military and LEO, now retired, your courses are reawakening my alertness to possible dangers, without becoming paranoid. I’m enjoying your lessons and sharing with my wife in order to sharpen our level of alertness.” -Bill

everyone should read this

“This is good information – everyone should read this.” – Jack

you’ve saved me thousands of dollars in unnecessary supplies

” I found you when we were buying all of our survival gear and you’ve saved me thousands of dollars in unnecessary supplies. Your course was straight forward, logical, and going through the exercises has given our family a plan that will allow us to do well in any disaster situation.” – Richard

recommend this to anyone serious

“I took a chance and subscribed to your site/lessons. I am VERY glad I did and recommend this to anyone serious about REALISTIC non-hysterical preparation. Well done/doing , Sir.” – S

I consider it one of my smarter investments

“This is the best course of this type I have ever seen, and by far the most reasonably priced. I consider it one of my smarter investments and look forward to the coming months.” – Jim

I have never seen any course as well set up as this is

“Your lessons hold so much information that I cannot seem to get them completely my first try. I have found

that going over them again really helps me. I have never seen any course as well set up as this is. I do appreciate all the time and effort it must have taken you to assemble all these facts. Thank you for your help.”– David

Excellent material it has the right amount of “text”

“I just got home from work and found your email about the bonus lesson! Excellent material it has the right amount of “text” in other words it is NOT verbose like some other material that I come across. There is a lot of “meat” in your bonus lesson and in your lessons. I really appreciate it. By the way I have also enjoyed the three lessons I have received so far. They are really very good, with a lot of good points. I am doing most of your suggestions and exercises. Sometimes I am a little late but ALL of them are being done. I am an Auxiliary Trooper in the… Highway Patrol for the past fourteen years. I usually do over a thousand hours of activity per year. In addition to doing “armed” ride-along with other agencies around once a year.” – Gustavo

You are a lifesaver Dave! With a definite emphasis on the lifesaver part!

“I am an ex-Army Captain and I will say your course was as easy to follow as any training manual I was ever given and certainly more thought provoking. Initially, it took some prompting and discussion to get my family involved in the exercises and course material but, after the first few lessons they were hooked. I attribute my success in getting my family on board to your easy to read down to earth lesson plans. You are a lifesaver Dave! With a definite emphasis on the lifesaver part! Thanks Again!” – Eric

I know the day will come where I most likely will say David saved my life

“David Morris clearly epitomizes the old adage that if you do something you love and are passionate about it, you can make a living doing it. I am a survivalist at heart, and I read things from many different sources, but I have never found any author/mentor like David Morris. In addition to the SurviveInPlace lessons I have enjoyed immeasurably, everyday my email is filled with matters of interest and importance from this man. I don’t know if it will be one day or one decade until the of the many things I’ve learned from Mr Morris will go from a “passion for preparedness”, to literally life-saving, but I know the day will come where I most likely will say David saved my life. Keep up the great work my friend!” – Tom

could prove absolutely essential in an emergency

“I’ve ordered the course and have just finished reading lesson 2. I find the lessons easy to read and comprehend – as I expected. What I find even more interesting are the “little tidbits”, or even aside comments, throughout that touch on issues or items that do not come to mind logically, but that could prove absolutely essential in an emergency. Keep up the good work!” – George

your course is the best yet

“GREAT STUFF!! I’m a Korean vet (USMC) and I have read quite a few “survival books” but your course is the best yet….and is more up to date than most of what I have seen. Your course covers a LOT more about having to “stay put” for various reasons. MANY Thanks,” – Glenn

I needed a refresher course

“I just wanted to say great job. I learned most of this in the army and needed a refresher course. Thanks” – Paul

have gained much knowledge since signing on

“I have joined your program and have gained much knowledge since signing on. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast and taking this course and stocking up on food and other supplies especially this time of the year [Hurricane season ]is working out perfectly.” – Mike

I have 9 adult children that need this information

“Thank you for the bonus and a great thanks for the lessons. I have 9 adult children that need this information. Keep up the good work.” – Gail

even one piece of new information might be the one thing needed to save a life.

“I’ve been reading about survival since the 60’s when one family in the little town I was raised in built a fall-out shelter. Thought I knew all I needed to know but after reading your sample report I realized that even one piece of new information might be the one thing needed to save a life. I’m going to order right now.” – Max

They will help us all be better prepared for the future.

“Dave- thank you for the great lessons. Please keep them coming. They will help us all be better prepared for the future.” – Eric


“Insightful, encouraging and without question…very useful” – Michael

We know you’re not getting rich from this

“Thanks David, you obviously care about what you do, about helping other people. We know you’re not getting rich from this. I wish you were, but there’s riches in life more important than money. This you will reap. May God bless you and your family!” – Steve

great information

“great information along with great feed back keep it coming” – Brian

Blessings to all who are paying attention!

“I live in a very small town.. so I think we may be safer than those in larger places.. but there will come a time that we get over run by people escaping the horrors of the city..So.. much of what you are talking about is important even for us. Maybe I will be out of here before it hits us.. but I am an old Girl Scout… Be prepared! Blessings to all who are paying attention!” – Mary Ann

just what I needed

“Great stuff just what I needed. Keep it coming.” – Wilson

What a precise and timely piece of advice

“What a precise and timely piece of advice u just provided at this time of recurrent disasters everywhere. Thank you.” – King

Thanks so much.

“Good stuff. Really appreciate it. Thanks so much.” – J

something in every lesson that I can use

“Love these lessons!!! Although I live in the country, there has been something in every lesson that I can use…I look forward to Fridays when I get the next lesson. – Marva

Keep it coming.

“David I’m just writing to say the info so far is awesome. Keep it coming. The more info we can get in 12 weeks the better. If some people think its to much for a week, they can always catch-up after the 12 weeks. We’ll all be the better for it in the long run. Thank You much Again Great info.” – Rick

I think this stuff needs to get out there

“Good stuff!! Have seen most of it before in various places. You’ve done a great job of putting it all together and editing so that it makes sense to those of us in the trenches. I’m now qualified to be referred to as an “old guy”(72)& will not be running around in the boonies, so I will have to survive in place. I think this stuff needs to get out there. As you say most of the population is clueless. We live in interesting times!!!” – Glen

The timing is perfect.

“Lesson 5 on the flu was full of great information. The timing is perfect.” – Phil

Very good stuff

“Keep sending!! Very good stuff” – Nancy

guilt to confidence!

“Thank you for taking me from guilt to confidence!” – Barry

Your advice makes a lot of sense

“Your advice makes a lot of sense; it agrees with what I’ve been doing for years – but greatly improves on it. So far, so good.” – Bob

Too many think survival means bugging out.

“I think your concept is great. Too many think survival means bugging out. With that, we get a Katrina traffic jam, lots of problems etc. Having a survival location and stocking it, etc is good. One then hopes it is all together when you need it. I have begun working on hardening my house, which is a problem with too much glass, but will work on it and make it better.” – Steve

Thanks for these lessons!

“You’re right on the mark with this awareness issue. All the weapons and specialized self-defense training in the world won’t do you a damn bit of good if you all yourself to get caught off guard because you’re not paying attention to your surroundings. I also wholeheartedly agree that it’s much better to avoid any kind of violent encounter than to expose yourself to physical harm, or resort to the use of deadly force that might land you in jail and/or court. Thanks for these lessons!” – David

Understanding the predator mindset is key to awareness.

“As law enforcement officer of 24 years with lots of time in swat and undercover narcotics, i appreciated reading this post. Spent 10 years as an LEO trainer in firearms and some in survival and combatives. I agree. Understanding the predator mindset is key to awareness. Understanding that not everyone subscribes to our value systems or honor code is critical to reducing that “I cant believe this is happening !” thought process. thanks.” – Charles

Thank you and please continue to do your good work!

Thanks, great advice! I try to practice these skills as well. I am trained in a variety of weapons use and martial arts. As an older person, with some disabilities, I realize limitations now that were not present earlier in my life. Good SA is always the very best and first defensive tool that we have. In my daily activities I notice that most folks are oblivious to there surroundings – making them very easy prey for thugs. A “white zone” mentality. Even with many years of training and the habit of carrying both a firearm along with a non-lethal defensive tool; I realize that we are all vulnerable. Your tips on observation, good SA and how to present ourselves to any watching eyes are excellent! Thank you and please continue to do your good work! – Errol

Excellent material

“Excellent material – as always. We get out of bed willingly on Monday mornings because we know you are waiting on the computer with some more necessary information.” – Barbara

nothing to compare to the details you have outlined

“My wife and I really are enjoying each lesson you send. The steps are simple and certainly make good sense. We never really gave much thought to really making a plan to survive. Oh sure we have a few things in place, but nothing to compare to the details you have outlined so far. We are just starting our second lesson and looking forward to all 12 lessons. Thank you for making this program available.” – John

filled with useful and up-to-date information

“I have found these to be filled with useful and up-to-date information and they compliment my on-going study of safety and preparedness.

Thanks for your help and for the work you do!” – Tim

Keep up the fight

“Thanks for your support and info I am making good progress on my plan. It is good to know that there are others out there that think like we do.” – Dan

I thank you and my family thanks you!

“David, The course has been thoroughly enjoyable to date. I thank you and my family thanks

you!”– Eric

Thank you for the outstanding lessons!

“Thank you for the outstanding lessons! If TEOTWAWKI were to happen tomorrow I’m confident that my family and I would make it through it with your plan. Thanks for all you do Dave!” – Eric

great value and service

“Thanks again for the great value and service you have provided!!” – Keith

you are doing a fine service for those who choose to heed.

“Thank you, for your great info at a very reasonable fee. I have “warned” the folks I care about for years, but they tend to consider me to be a bit paranoid. When they see the advice from you, in print, they become attentive. I appreciate the simple fact that your offerings cause me to seem a bit more “believable”. BTW, I am a subscriber, my good man- you are doing a fine service

for those who choose to heed.”– Bob

absolutely critical information.

“Dave, Thanks for providing this absolutely critical information. I think everyone needs to be prepared for natural or man-made disasters….I will be signing up for your course as soon as I can convince my husband that I’m not going overboard and becoming a “survival nut” (personally, I would rather be a survival nut than an unprepared nut.” – Baily

My fear level is down quite a bit

“Your lessons so far are fantastic, and I’m really enjoying going through the exercises! It’s amazing how knowing you are taking steps to be prepared for just about any type of disaster reduces fear. My fear level is down quite a bit in just three lessons, so I’m really looking forward to the rest of the program! Thank you so much.” – Sharron

easy to access format

“I really love the course. Having so much information condensed in a easy to access format really helps” – Charlie

Thanks for all you do.

“The information you present is so important that I’m trying to do it all… Thank goodness that my husband is on board and is very capable. Hope he’s close when the time comes. Thanks for all you do.” – Nancy



I am most grateful to you, David…your course is an excellent offering.

“I have received and absorbed several lessons of your SurviveInPlace course…most excellent! I am a late-54 family man who has long been considered to be paranoid and idiosyncratic…except for the time immediately following one of our occasional hurricanes, or some local emergency. I have been in health care (Nuclear Medicine) for 33 years, and I am often summoned to administer first aid or to lend some medical care advice. Thanks to you, and to your course, I feel much better about myself … Crisis can, and often will, bring out the worse in the best of folks among us… My dear wife is quite willing, and capable, where the question of “backup” is concerned. Nuff said, here. I am most grateful to you, David…your course is an excellent offering.” – Bob

I really hope you know what a great thing you are doing for us.

“I just wanted to tell you how good your chapters are. I cannot imagine how much time it takes you for your research, but I can really appreciate what you are presenting. Thank you for all of your help. I really hope you know what a great thing you are doing for us.” – Dave

I like your approach of using simple and easy to implement solutions

“Really good information! I like your approach of using simple and easy to implement solutions for developing an effective survival plan. I’ve had the idea of doing this rolling around in my head for awhile. Now is the time to put into action!” – David

your course is the best I’ve found, thank you for my whole family.

“I signed up because of the possibility of getting caught in an urban environment at the wrong time. I live in the country and have been at this for a while and have done quite a bit of stuff in preparation. But I still go to the city a lot so…your course is the best I’ve found, thank you for my whole family. By the way, I found your insight on how people deal with catastrophes to great as a confirmation of the obvious, if you observe human nature that is.” – Carl

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