SHOCKING DISCOVERY: 91% Of American Families Are Not Prepared And Will Go Hungry Within 3 Days Of Disaster Striking


PLUS… How You can protect your family and supplies from unprepared looters who will ravage your family to provide for theirs

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Module 1


We are going to cover Threats and Kits, clear and present threats that I monitor and the secret to knowing what we’re facing and still sleeping like a baby at night. What you must carry in your car emergency kits, how to help food and medications last longer, and a crazy trick to keep chocolate from melting, even in 110 degree car. What are family uses in addition to the traditional back pack 72-hour kit, and this minor tweak makes a huge difference. What you must do with your important documents so that you could lose your house tonight and continue your life without missing a step tomorrow

Module 2

A stock pile of food – how to get a stock pile of delicious food to feed you and your family for seven weeks with a single 30 minute trip to a big-box store, for about $2 dollars per person per day. I will also share a powerful trick that you can use to scale up to feed unexpected guests at a fraction of the normal cost. How to store, hide, and generate the water you’ll need in a survival situation, and what to do with human waste when flushing isn’t an option.


Module 3


We will cover power for heat and light, including safe scalable solutions that won’t break the second time you use them and that will work for medium to long term emergencies. There’s kind of a dirty secret out there that’s there a couple of generators that you can set them side by side, one of them has nylon parts inside and has a tendency to break. The next one has steel parts inside and has a tendency to work for years and years and years. If you buy the one with nylon parts inside because you think you’re saving a few bucks – it may break the second, third, fourth or tenth time you need it. You want something that is going to work long term. We are also going to cover solutions that you will be able to use immediately, and enjoy even if you never experience a disaster.


Module 4


We are going to cover medical, trauma, and communications. Our trick to equip your family with $600 dollar secure hand held radio technology for less than 10 percent of what big companies pay. Trauma techniques proven effective in war zones, hell holes, and missionary fields where supplies are limited, if they even exist. And how to survive when medical conditions continue after pharmacies are boarded up and abandoned.

Module 5

We are going to talk about must-have items and psychology, including Spec-Ops secrets to sleeping when the world is falling apart all around you. Proven techniques to reduce your chances of post-traumatic stress disorder by 80 percent, and why psychology is the most important survival tool you have available, and how it often means the difference between life and death.

Module 6

We are going to talk about security and recommended training, including hardcore fighting fundamentals designed for when you’re hungry, thirsty, tired, sick, and injured that will work whether you’ve got a rifle in your hands or are tied to a chair. Endorsed providers of tactical, medical, off grid survival and preparedness live trainings and much more.


To be honest, this has been a lot of hard work, but it’s a labor of love because it’s all information that my family has personally incorporated into our plan. I also know how vital, important and essential this information is to those whose lives will surely depend on it.

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There aren’t many times when the decisions we make are a matter of life and death, survival and preparedness decisions are one of the few things that may mean nothing, or they may mean absolutely everything and you won’t know which until you find yourself in a situation where your survival depends on the actions you’ve taken and not on the actions you’ve only thought about taking.

I want to encourage you to take action now.

I look forward to hearing how your preparations are progressing.

Welcome to the Family, and remember chance favors the prepared.